Mack’s interview broadcast by Efma, October 27, 2017

Last month, I was video interviewed in Paris by Efma. Now it’s available online!

(Photo source: Efma)

Emfa is a global non-profit organisation, established in 1971, which provides quality insights to help banks and insurers make decisions to foster innovation and drive their transformation. Over 3,300 brands in 130 countries are Efma members. Headquarters in Paris.
Efma’s official website

Efma’s ariticle “How Nippon Life is meeting the challenges of the Japanese insurance industry”

Makoto Okubo, general manager of international affairs at Nippon Life, says the insurance industry in Japan is fraught with challenges. In a special video interview for Efma, he explains how these challenges can be met.

(Efma Channel @Youtube)

During my visit, I was impressed by Efma’s friendliness and hospitality. After the interview, I had a chance to deliver my English accents performance for its staff members. They were indeed responsive and pleasant audience! I added some French accents at the request of CEO.
You can listen to it here:

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