ABAC submitted the 2021 Progress Report of the APFF/APFIF/APIP to the APEC Finance Ministers, August 6, 2021

On August 6, 2021, the ABAC Secretariat transmitted to the Chair of the APEC Finance Ministers Meeting and the APEC Secretariat for distribution to all Finance Ministers and FMP delegates the ABAC Report to Finance Ministers and the 2021 Progress Report of APFF, APFIF and APIP.

This Progress Report covers the following areas to provide information and high-level recommendations to support Cebu Action Plan in the Asia Pacific:

      A. Asia-Pacific Financial Inclusion Forum (APFIF)
      B. APFF Financial Infrastructure Development Network (FIDN)
      C. APFF Digital Trade Finance Lab (Trade and Supply Chain Finance)
      D. APFF Financial Market Infrastructure Network
      E. BIMP-EAGA Micro- and Small Enterprise Digitalization Pilot
    • A. Disaster Risk Financing and Insurance
      B. Insurance Regulation and Accounting
      C. Circular Economy Infrastructure
      D. Health Care Financing
    • A. APEC Sustainable Finance Development Roadmap
      B. Asia-Pacific Financial Inclusion Forum: Emerging Priorities in the COVID-19 Era –
      Proposed Actions for Policymakers and Regulators
      C. APFF Digital Trade Finance Lab Whitepaper on Combating Trade-Based Money

    2021 Progress Report to APEC Finance Ministers
    ABAC Letter to APEC Finance Ministers 2021

    APFF Sustainable Finance Development Network (SFDN) has been established based on the ABAC’s high-level recommendations on ESG Finance in 2020. See ABAC Report to Economic Leaders 2020

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