Mack participated in the ABAC/APFF/APIP/HKGC Conference on Circular Economy Infrastructure, September 9, 2019, in Hong Kong

The conference “Building the Infrastructure for the Circular Economy in APEC” was held on September 9th, 2019 in Hong Kong, hosted by Hong Kong brought together key stakeholders and experts from government, business, academia and multilateral institutions to support the development of a pipeline of bankable projects that can attract private sector investment and support the transition to a more circular and resource efficient economy.

Program Circular Economy Infrastructure 2019-09-09

Mack participated in the session on financing the circular economy infrastructure and shared some initiatives in the region, challenges as well as recommendations in order to promote long-term investments in circular economy infrastructure. Government agencies, investors, and experts around the APEC region discussed waste management and how we come up with solutions to bring back beautiful earth and blue ocean.

Mack’s presentation in Hong Kong

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