Mack participated in the ABAC meeting in Seoul, Korea, April 25-28, 2017

The APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) convened the 2nd ABAC meetings in Seoul, Korea on April 25-28, 2017.

Mack provided a report at the APFF Caucus Meeting on the activities of the APFF Retirement and Long-Term Investment Working Group to promote long-term investors’ role to support sustainable, resilient and inclusive growth and development of the Asia Pacific, including a proposed idea to explore effective communication tools such as interview videos, short movies and musical shows based on our key messages to APEC Finance Ministers and Economic Leaders.

APFF Caucus Meeting in Seoul: Agenda and Papers (via ABAC website)
Presentation of Mack Okubo at APFF Caucus meeting in Bangkok (via ABAC website)

ABAC’s official webiste
ABAC’s APFF website
(You can download here, agenda, presentations, or other information on the APFF!)

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