Mack’s article appears in a Japanese weekly newspaper Hoken Joho, August 12, 2016

Mack’s article appears in a Japanese weekly press “Hoken Joho”, a widely read newspaper dedicated to the insurance sector. The article is written in Japanese, and covers Mack’s participations in international meetings for May and June 2016, which would allow the readers to have a brief overview of what’s going on around the globe in the insurance and pension sector.

A column written about my duo concert/talk show in New York with Satoko Mori, a theater actress and pianist, is also included. I sang Japanese animation songs in French and shared my amazing life stories.


Hoken Joho official website (in Japanese)
Mack and Satoko’s Duo Concert & Talk Show at Lanza’s

screenshot-2Mack’s Article (in Japanese)

Note: This articple was posted with the permission of Hoken Joho (hokensha).

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