Mack’s article appears in a Japanese weekly newspaper Hoken Joho, October 21, 2016

Mack’s article appears in a Japanese weekly press “Hoken Joho”, a widely read newspaper dedicated to the insurance sector. The article is written in Japanese, and summarizes the chapters related with insurance and pension of the 2016 APFF Progress Report, which was endorsed by the APEC Finance Ministers,
including expanding the Region’s Long-Term Investor Base (Retirement income, Infrastructure Investment, Regulation and Accounting) and Strengthening Financial Resilience (Disaster Risk Financing and Micro-Insurance).

It also includes a column about my Mensa lecture on global communication in collaboration with a Disney-like musical performance of OMOTENASHI JOURNEY, which took place at Microsoft Flagship Store on Fifth Avenue in New York on July 21, 2016.


Hoken Joho official website (in Japanese)
Mack gave a Mensa Lecture in collaboration with OMOTENASHI JOURNEY, July 21 2016 in New York

hokenshaMack’s Article (in Japanese)

Note: This articple was posted with the permission of Hoken Joho (hokensha).

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