Mack’s performance broadcast at MNN, a local cable TV in New York, November 3, 2018

Mack’s singing La Bamba, incorporating impersonating different English accents in Rap Rhythm broadcast at Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN).

This video has been reportedly shown at ABC Studio at Times Square.

It was the same performance for the Japan Music Junction on 25 August, 2018.
Mack is wearing TiA’s special T shirt “NEW YORK TO JAPAN”!

See Mack joined Japan Music Junction with dancer Yurika in New York, August 25, 2018

Yurika kindly edited the music for me.
Yurika’s dancing performance broadcast in the previous months.

Diamante Show (Spanish speaking program)
17:00-17:30 MNN Channel 4 & 5 in Manhattan,
19:30-20:00 Ch 68 in Bronx,
19:00-19:30 BCAT in Brooklyn

The program was recorded at MNN Studio on 6 October 2019.
Soprano singer Hanako Morikawa, caligrapher Hikaru Yamasaki (KOKA),
Shoko & Tony Ninja Ballet also joined the show.



MNN Studio 537 W 59th Street New York
(bet 9th and 10th Avenue )

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