Mack gave a lecture on global communication at ROUGH LABO, February 24 2017, Osaka

Mack gave a guest lecture for the 3rd Osaka New York Igyoshu Koryukai at ROUGH LABO, in Osaka on February 24, 2017.
The audience was mostly Japanese business people and students living in Kansai area of Japan, and the lecture was given in Japanese.
This meeting was hosted by Global Labo, New York

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第3回 大阪ニューヨーク異業種交流会案内@Facebook

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Starting from demonstration of 24 English accents as an ice breaker,
Mack described how language and culture affect the way how people make decisions and communicate each other, and shared his view on how Japanese
and in particular Kansai People can make global communication effective, taking into account the diversity.

グローバルコミュニケーション 国際舞台でネイティブに負けない 日本人のためのコミュニケーション術

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