Mack got on stage at Carnegie Hall for Kajiki’s Artist Show in New York, July 10, 2018

Mack joined the 10th Kajiki’s Artist Show, a music, kimono and floral event produced by the International Floral Association at the Carnegie Hall (Weill Recital Hall, on July 10th. He served as the guest speaker and described importance of SDGs and how it is related with flowers and music. As indicated as guest artist in the flyer, Mack entertained the audience with impersonation of different English accent around the world to promote diversity.

Talented singers included Makoto Sakurada from Japan and Kohei & TiA, Mai Nishioka in New York. Makoto Sakurada is a Japanese male singer based in Aomori who won the competitive national audition by a radio program “Kajiki’s Radio Broadway”. TiA is a Japanese female pop singer famous for her song “Ryuusei”, one of the “Naruto” ending themes, and notably won a number of competitions in the US, including McDonald’s Gospelfest, the largest Gospel concert and talent competition in the East Coast. This time, she sang her original Gospel song with American gospel choir. The audience also enjoyed Japanese performing art in beautiful traditional Japanese “Kimono” garments.

The IFA is chaired by Toshimi Kajiki, who will serve as MC of the event. The audience enjoyed floral displays and performance of talented Japanese singers in Kimonos from Japan and New York.
This event was supported by OCCAM, affiliated to the United Nations through ECOSOC in the spirit of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Facebook Event Page “10th Kajiki’s Show at Carnegie Hall”

Media Coverage
“国際文化交流”がテーマの、花と芸術の祭典がことしも 第10回「Kajiki’s Artist Show」開催@ニューヨークビズ!

✨10th Kajiki’s Artist Show 2018 ✨
🏵Japanese Artists Show
with Flower & Kimono👘🏵

Tuesday, 10 July 2018
at Carnegie Hall(Weill Recital Hall)
Door Open ▶︎7:00pm
Show starts ▶︎ 7:30pm

Presenter. MC/ Toshimi Kajiki

【Guest Artist】
★Japanese Singer
Makoto Sakurada
Eriko Kobayashi
Keiko Tsubota
Satoko Tanaka

★Singer from New York
Mai Nishioka

★Japanese Flower & Kimono Show
Hiroko Ishiwata(Flower Designer)
Shinya Chihara(Model)
Hiromi Ito(Singer)
Masako Hasebe(Singer)
Miyuki Saito(Singer)
Maki Suzuki(Flower Designer)
Mariko Kawamura(Flower Designer)
Rie Narushima(Flower Designer)

★Guest Speaker
Makoto Okubo

★Stage Flower Cordinate
by Mariko Kawamura — with Tomoka Takayama, Kohei Hattori and Rie Narushima.

The next day, there was also a reception at the United Nations Headquarter,
where Mack delivered a speech to summarize recent initiatives to promote SDGs.
TiA and Kohei were also invited for singing performance.

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