Mack joined Japan Music Junction as an opening singer in New York, March 31, 2018

Mack joined Japan Music Junction, hosted by singer TiA and Kohei, as opening singer with soprano Manami and jazz guitarist Nobuki. Other talented Japanese singers, dancers and musicians both in NY and from Japan, such as
Eimi, Kirrie, Nozomi, Pip&Tomoki, Takarabune, joined the event.

(Photo by 小澤 彩聖)

Mack invited a renowned Jazz guitarist Nobuki Takamen and sing a medley of Japanese anime songs in French and in the Latin Jazz arrangements: Space Battleship Yamato, Doraemon, Ponyo, and Gue Gue Gue no Kitaro. During his singing, he demonstrated French rap, impersonation of English and Japanese with accents from 10 different countries, as well as hyper-dancing.
Mack also invited Soprano singer Manami Aoki, who brought audience to the world of Galaxy at the opening by singing solo a theme song “Endless Universe” of Space Battleship Yamoto.

【 Japan Music Junction 】
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Facebook Event Page “Japan Music Junction”

March 31st Open 4pm Start 5pm
Bent on cafe/ Menya Jiro
123 William st NY NY 10038

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