Mack participated in the OECD/ADBI Roundtable on Capital Market and Financial Reform in Asia, March 1-2, 2018, in Tokyo

The OECD and Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) jointly organized the 18th Tokyo Roundtable on Capital Market and Financial Reform in Asia on 1-2 March 2018 at the ADBI in Tokyo, Japan, in co-operation with the Japanese Government.
The Tokyo Roundtable offered a forum for regulators, policy-makers, experts, scholars, private sector and international organisations to discuss issues relating to capital market and financial reform in Asia, such as:

  • The recent trends and prospects of Asian capital markets under steady economic growth and stable financial environment
  • Increases in private (corporate and households) and public debt
  • The impact of new technologies, such as Fintech and artificial intelligence
  • Resilience of financial portfolio; Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment
  • OECD’s website on the 18th Tokyo Roundtable
    (You can download here, agenda and information note)

    ADB’s website on the 18th Tokyo Roundtable

    During this roundtable, Mack shared the updates on the APFF work to promote insurers and pension funds’ support on sustainable, resilient and inclusive growth of the Asia Pacific region, and shared perspectives from life insurers as institutional investors in contributing for sustainable development through ESG investments.

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