Mack joined Opera Pomme Rouge’s Interactive Opera “Meistersinger”, followed by an after-opera party in New York, 12 November, 2017

Opera Pomme Rouge presented a very unique interactive opera “Meistersinger – So You Think You Can Sing?” music by Wagner, libretto, music edition, concept, direction by Anna Etsuko Tsuri

[2 Minites Video Clip]

Mack joined the interactive opera that took place on 12 November 2017 at Blue Building, New York, and also joined as a Guild Member an after-opera party with singers, musicians, staff members and supporters.

[Full version] Interactive Opera, Meistersinger
Music by R. Wagner
Lyric: Anna Etsuko Tsuri

Music Director: Ishmael Wallace
Director&Concept: Anna Etsuko Tsuri

Eva: Alana Trimmier
Vogel: Stacey Canterbury
Walther: Roseanne Ackerley
Moser: Elisabeth Shoup
Magdalene & Police Officer & Eisslinger: Anita Lyons
Beckmesser: Perri Sussman
Kothner: K. Liu
Sachs: Kirsti Esch
Nachtigal:Camille Jaeck

Conductor: Jun Nakabayashi
Electric Guitar: Shu Odamura

Technical Director, Video Design : Takaaki Ando
Set Designer: Shusei Sugawara
Costume Designer: You-Shin Chen
Hair-Makeup Designer: Mayuim Maeda
Secretary: Clark Sullivan
Libretto Supervisor: Lara Novic
Assistant Music Director: Nathalie Wang
Assistant Director: Kotoba Dan
Assistant Hair-Makeup: Ranko Saikawa
Assistant Production: Eowyn Driscoll
Assistant Secretary: Seiko Kimura, C.K.

Video Producer Freddy Cintron
Director of Photography Mike Hsieh
Camera Op Sanae Ohno
Camera OP Alex Stikich
Camera OP Ricardo Razuri
Camera OP Maxwell Gately
Camera Op Henly Wan

Video Editing Director Maria Takeuchi
Produced by Opera Pomme Rouge / Anna Etsuko Tsuri

For information, visit Opera Pomme Rouge official site

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