Mack participated in the OECD/ADBI Roundtable on Capital Market and Financial Reform in Asia, March 22-23, 2016, in Tokyo

The OECD and Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) jointly organized the 16th Tokyo Roundtable on Capital Market and Financial Reform in Asia on 22-23 March 2016 at the ADBI in Tokyo, Japan, in co-operation with the Japanese Government.

OECD’s website on the 16th Tokyo Roundtable
(You can download here, agenda and information note)


Mack participated in the SESSION 4: Promoting long-term investment and savings in Asia as the lead discussant.
The panel was moderated by Mr. Timothy Bishop, Head of Financial Affairs Division, OECD, and the following speakers made presentations from different perspectives:

  • Promoting long-term savings vehicles and instruments
    Mr. Stephen Lumpkin, Senior Economist, Financial Affairs Division, OECD
  • Global infrastructure hub perspectives on long-term infrastructure investment
    Mr. Mark Moseley, Senior Director, Global Infrastructure Hub
  • Enhancing the role of capital market in long-term financing: case of Indonesia
    Ms. Etty Retno Wulandari, Deputy Commissioner, OJK, Indonesia
  • Optimal financial structure and financial reform: a perspective from China
    Mr. Fan Zai, Managing Director, China Investment Corporation
  • Strengthening infrastructure and capital market through retirement income policies
    Ms. Vanessa Wang, Managing Director and Asia Pacific Head of Pensions, Citigroup, APFF

During this roundtable, Ms. Vanessa Wang, Citi, made a presentation on Strenghthening Infrastructure and Capital Market through Retirement Income Policies on half of the APFF.

Presentation of Vanessa Wang at OECD/ADBI Roundtable on Capital Market and Financial Reform in Asia in Tokyo

Mack’s speech at OECD/ADBI Roundtable

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