Mack sang Japanese Anime songs in French, duo with MiyaB, Tokyo, November 30, 2016

Mack sang Japanese Anime songs in French, at Piano Bar Cozy, Meguro, Tokyo, on November 30 2016. MiyaB of STORM kindly played keyboard for the night.

STORM’s blog
Piano Bar Cozy: news on the night

Japanese Anime in French (Part One):
Doraemon, Ponyo and Gue Gue Gue no Kitaro (with French Rap)

Japanese Anime in French (Part Two):
Honoo no Takaramono (Lupin the Third Le Chateau de Cagliostro), Battlespaceship Yamato, Odoru Ponpokorin, and Message en Rough (Kiki’s Delivery Service)

Vocal Mack Okubo
Keyboard MiyaB

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